Oklahoma Department of Transportation is encouraging drivers to completely avoid the Crosstown on Sunday is possible. Sunday will be a wild traffic day for Oklahoma City residents. The new westbound lanes of the I-40 Crosstown open up Sunday morning.

On Sunday at 6:00am, the old westbound on-ramps will be closed forever. At the same time, the old Crosstown westbound lanes will be narrowed down to one lane between Interstate 35 and Interstate 44 from 6:00am to 12:30pm.

The new Crosstown was built just five blocks south of the old Crosstown in Oklahoma City. The new Crosstown will be able to handle twice as many vehicles as the old Crosstown. This new development will be a lot better because it has the potential to be expanded since it is not a bridge like the old Oklahoma City Crosstown.

A few things to be aware of before you travel the new crosstown are listed as follows:

  1.  You may no longer access Hudson Avenue from the Crosstown
  2. New Westbound Crosstown will only have on-ramps at Western Avenue and Shields Boulevard.
  3.  Westbound off-ramps will be open at Robinson, Western, Agnew, and Pennsylvania Avenues.
  4.  The newest Eastbound lanes may be accessed by the on-ramps at Western and Pennsylvania Avenues and also Shield Boulevard. The Eastbound off-ramps are open at Pennsylvania, Western, and Agnew.
  5. If you are wanting to access Bricktown, the best way for Oklahoma City motorists to do so, is by using the Westbound Robinson off-ramp.
  6.  If you are planning to leave Bricktown, the easiest route is to use Shields Boulevard because it has been expanded and safer than before.

This is a great and long-awaited development for Oklahoma City. The drives across Interstate 40 Crosstown should be done with much more ease, safer, and better traffic flow.