You survived your Oklahoma car accident. What do you do now?

Auto Accidents

“He came out of nowhere…”    “It was dark and she didn’t have her lights on.”    “He just blew through the red light…”

You’ve been in a car accident in Oklahoma.
It’s not your fault, but you’re the one who needs help.
You’re alive, but you can’t drive.
Your car has been towed, you’re injured-what now?
We know you’re worried, and may not be thinking clearly.
Don’t make these mistakes!
car accident
"I'm sure the insurance company will take care of me."

After an accident, we place our faith in the insurance companies to take care of us.  Unfortunately, many of them would rather ignore or deny your claim rather than give you the help you’re rightfully owed.  When the insurance company fails you, you need professional help to get the coverage you paid for.  You need an Oklahoma injury attorney who will listen to your story, who knows how to talk to the insurance company-and if necessary, who will argue your case before a judge.

“I’ll wait until I get home.”

Were you injured while visiting from out of town? One of the biggest mistakes people make after a vacation accident is waiting until after they return home to deal with it, rather than hiring a lawyer on-site.  It’s a natural impulse: you’re alive, and only your car has been damaged, so your instinct is to get home and then deal with it from there.  The problem is, a lawyer in your home state may not be familiar with the intricacies-such as highways, state trucking laws, Oklahoma at-fault and injury law-that are integral to an Oklahoma personal injury case.  Buxton Law Group has the advantage-their primary experience is serving victims on Oklahoma’s streets and highways.

“But my doctor isn’t here!”

If you were injured while visiting from out of town, we know you’re eager to rush home after an accident.  You need the comfort of your friends and family-and the advice of a physician you trust.  What you may not know is that Oklahoma City has a vast, comprehensive medical community-and the sooner you receive documented care after your accident, the better your chances of receiving a settlement. Jim Buxton has been an accident lawyer in Oklahoma long enough to know that consulting with medical experts early and on-site is key to getting you the help you need.

“Truck accidents are just like car wrecks, right?”

Farming is a huge industry in the Midwest, and fully-loaded commercial trucks, tractors, tractor-trailers and semis clog the main arteries of Oklahoma with their heavy cargo.  When semi accidents in Oklahoma occur in transport, the accident is often much more serious than a two-car crash.  That’s why there are separate trucking laws to protect you and your loved ones from harm-laws that others lawyers might overlook. If there was a commercial vehicle involved in your Oklahoma auto accident, call Buxton Law Group today for legal advice.

adult driving car

Although we all try to practice safe driving and obey the speed limits, we have no control over the other cars on the road. Late hours, DUI and distracted driving all contribute to the overwhelming number of car crashes in Oklahoma each year-and now it’s happened to you.

We know you’re in pain, and we know you’re scared. That’s why we’re here for you; local or not, you’re family to us. Step by step, we work for you, taking the technical details off your hands so all you have to do is heal.

If you have been injured in a car wreck in Oklahoma while driving on I-35, I-44, I-40, US 270, US 77, I-240, or Route 66,

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