Read this article to see what bad faith is by insurance companies and what to do about it.


Do you feel like you’re getting handled by an insurance company in Oklahoma City?
Too often insurance companies try to get away with paying less than they have to or even totally denying the claim.
Bad faith insurance is any matter pertaining to an insurance claim by an Insured that is wrongfully denied by the insurance company. Oklahoma residents need to remember that an insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the insurance company. The company is required to act in good faith toward you to handle your claims. When the insurance company has no reasonable explanation to withhold the benefits of the policy, then they are acting in bad faith which is unacceptable, especially here in Oklahoma.
When insurance bad faith happens, the best action to take is to contact an insurance attorney such as Jim Buxton in Oklahoma City. These attorneys know that insurance companies try their hardest to deny claims for any reason that they can get away with. Many times the company will underpay the claim if it’s covered in the policy of the insured. The main way that the court determines if the company has acted in bad faith is by seeing if their conduct was “reasonable” when working on the claim.

Insurance companies do have the right to deny a claim  but only in certain circumstances. Two examples of that would be: Where the Insured has not lived up to the insurance contract, or where the claim is not covered by the policy or is fraudulent. If you feel like you are getting treated with Bad faith, then please contact the Buxton Law Group today so we can fight for you.