The second Saturday in October is about to here. That can only mean one thing, OU-Texas game at the Cotton Bowl. In the past, it seems that there has always been some kind of construction or lane closure on Interstate 35 during the rivalry weekend, but not this year!

All lanes on Interstate 35 will be open this weekend. Does that mean that there won’t be a ton of traffic? No, not at all. The traffic will probably be the heaviest on Friday afternoon and early evening because of the 11am kickoff on Saturday morning in Dallas.

State Transportation Department spokesman, Cole Hackett, said drivers should expect interstate and highway traffic going south to increase by 50 to 60 percent in Oklahoma from Thursday until early Saturday.

If you want to chance it and leave early Saturday morning, then there probably won’t be as much traffic but there still might be some from the people have the same idea.

Just because all lanes will be open, doesn’t mean you should expect to get there in record time or even without a delay. There will be a lot of fans traveling down so you need to leave plenty of time to get there.

Texas officials have reported that there are no major road construction projects from the Red River to the Cotton Bowl.

Once you have your bags packed, make sure you add a little patience in there because the roads will be busy.

Wear your seatbelt, put the phone down, and drive safely to the big game. No matter who you are rooting for, we don’t want you hurt.