Have A Car Accident in Oklahoma? Read this article to find out the steps you need to take after the accident occurs.

1. Call the Police in the respective Oklahoma city where the accident occurred.
Once the police arrive, make sure you get the officer’s information as well such as badge number, name, and the police report number.
2. Get other driver’s information.
Make sure you get all complete information from the other driver of the vehicle involved in the car crash. Be sure to obtain all insurance, license, personal, and car information.
3. Take pictures immediately after accident.
Make sure to take pictures of everything at the scene. Take pictures of the cars, location, what the road and scene exactly looked like. If there are major details, make sure to take a picture and document it visually.
4. Were witnesses at the scene? 
Did any on-lookers or other drivers see the accident happen? If so, get all the information and a statement from them so they may help you and the insurance company when the claim is filed.
5. Get the make/model of every vehicle involved.
To protect yourself, get all the information from the other vehicles involved in the accident. Make sure to get the license plate number, VIN number, make and model of the vehicle(s). Make sure to note if it is an Oklahoma license plate or from another state.
6. Get the location information.
Make sure you get all the possible information down about the location where the accident occurred. Write down all the things observed about the location such as where the stoplight/stop sign, street signs, lines on the road, and exactly what happened.
7. Take down all passenger information.
Document how many and the names of all passengers in the vehicles involved. Make sure to get a description of each passenger as well: gender, race, etc. Be sure to find out their addresses as well as they could or could not be from Oklahoma.
8. Document the vehicle’s condition.
Write down where the damage on each vehicle is. If possible, take pictures of the damage so that you can have visual proof of the accident. Also, be sure to put down any damage that wasn’t related to the accident.
9. Compile all information into one document.
Put all the information taken at the scene of the accident and compile it into one document so that it is easier to keep track of. You never know when the information will be needed, so keep it safe and somewhere you will remember.
All of these steps are a great way to watch out for yourself and to get the most from the insurance companies. The more information you have about the auto accident, the better chance you have to get your claim filled and taken care of.