This addition in downtown Oklahoma City is just the start of the new signals. There will be more showing up in Oklahoma City in the near months and years because they represent the new federal standard for dedicated left turn lanes.

The first flashing yellow arrow was installed downtown on Reno Avenue at Robinson Avenue. Part of Project 180 will include installing more of these at the downtown intersections. These flashing yellow arrows will become part of the norm in the next couple years as done in part of normal maintenance.

Chai said, “It would be several years at least before all of the city’s left turn signals have the flashing yellow arrow.” The new flashing arrow was created as part of the new federal guidelines after studies showed that people respond to this signal better than the standard round, green light that tells people to yield safely when there is a break in traffic. The solid green arrow will remain until they get around to changing out all the signals.

Oklahoma City officials hope that they will recognize what the signal means the first time they see it, even if they haven’t heard about the change yet. Chai has not witnessed anyone messing up too bad yet, which is always a good sign when it comes to traffic signals.

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