Wondering What Causes Truck Accidents in Oklahoma? Read below to find out.

America’s commerce runs on the use of semi-trucks. Just in Oklahoma City alone, we have some major headquarters and distribution centers that thrive off of semi-trucks. Without the use of semi-trucks, goods wouldn’t be able to get to the stores like they do. It is imperative that the trucks get proper maintenance and the drivers have the required training to drive these trucks safely from Oklahoma to other states.
Many things can cause semi truck accidents in Oklahoma but here are some of the main causes:

Fatigue- Studies have shown that a sleepy driver is just as dangerous as a drunk driver. Semi truck drivers typically drive very long hours and are more susceptible to fatigue on their runs. These truckers have a time to reach each destination and that requires driving through the night or long hours behind the wheel.
Impaired Drivers- Drivers can become impaired when they are under the influence or drugs or alcohol. Many times prescription drugs can be used to help with safe driving but more often than not, the drivers will take them against their doctor’s orders.
Unsecure Loads- Semi-Trucks haul things from food to electronics to huge furniture and even mobile homes. Loads could come loose and slip during the long transit which poses a major danger to other vehicles around.
Improperly Maintained Vehicles– These trucks have to undergo frequent inspections to make sure that their brakes, engine, and other major components are working correctly. If a trucking company or the driver hasn’t done the proper inspections, they could be liable for a truck accident.
Unsafe Operation– Many times people neglect to remember that truckers are people too. Truckers can become angry or take unsafe risks when driving their trucks. Truckers can get stressed from the time schedules, their pay, or even fuel costs. Truckers also get distracted by their radios and also cell phones, just like other drivers.