There are days when we show up to our work and say “it is just another day on the job.” Thankfully, I am in a career field that I love and enjoy going to every day. But many of us Americans don’t all think that way and most of us think that we don’t make a difference just “doing our job.” I can fight for people to get them justice and work day in and day out to get them what they deserve but there are sometimes when it feels like I don’t make a difference until the trial is won or a big breakthrough happens in the case. It is stories like this one below that make us feel great about doing our job and being good citizens to our community of people.

On Wednesday, Trooper Scott Shropshire, was going about his job like always in Rogers County, when a crash occurred about two miles from where he was driving. He arrived at the scene of the crash and found an SUV that had flipped into a ditch and was quickling filling with water. Oklahoma Trooper Shropshire make a split second decision to head towards the vehicle.

Once he got to the wreckage, he secured the driver’s head above water so that he wouldn’t drown in the vehicle that was quickly filling with water. EMT and other officers arrived at the scene and were able to get the driver out of the car safely. The EMT’s said that the Trooper’s quick and brave actions made the difference in this man’s life. It was repoprted that the driver of the SUV is doing well now.

I am sure that Scott thought it would be another day on the job as a Trooper on Wednesday. I bet if we contacted him today, he wouldn’t have ever thought that he was going to help save a life that yesterday. It is stories like this that make us believe in our community and believe that people out there are willing to go above and beyond at their job.

So, my hope for you is that you will have more days at your job where you can make a difference in people’s lives, even if it is in the smallest way. Arrive to work with a positive outlook and an attitude to make it more than just “another day on the job.”