Brandi Kelso, 33, had pleaded guilty of this in February. Her and Curtis Kelso were married from June of 1997 until July 2001.

Brandi Kelso was not the beneficiary of the life insurance policy that Curtis Kelso had with Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. Curtis Kelso passed away in 2008.

Fraud investigators said that Brandi Kelso had signed and mailed an insurance claim to Mutual of Omaha Insurance. A month after, she had mailed them a copy of the divorce decree, which she altered to show that she was the beneficiary of the policy.

Brandi Kelso received a check in the mail from Mutual of Omaha for $97,150.46, which she deposited into her personal bank account.

Kelso will be serving an eight-month prison sentence as well as ordered to pay restitution and serve two years of supervised release when the prison term comes to an end.