Oklahoma car insurance companies rarely refuse to cover an applicant, since denying them would mean less profit. However, depending on the “risk factors” of the applicant, they may be charged more than another customer – sometimes significantly more.

Some risk factors you can control that may significantly lower your premium:


  • Where you live. If you live in a big city, you’re likely to be charged for it. A higher population means a higher chance you will suffer an Oklahoma auto accident.
  • Paying your bills on time. Your insurance company will assume that if you’re responsible with your money, you’re responsible on the road.
  • Your credit rating. Companies believe that those with lower credit scores are risk-takers on the road, and are more likely to cause an emergency in Oklahoma City.
  • What kind of car you drive. High-end vehicles often draw higher premiums, but vehicles that have increased safety equipment can reduce your monthly rate.
  • Your past driving behavior. If your driving record is free of tickets and points on your license, your premium will be much lower than that of a driver with repeated offenses.


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