This week, KOCO news has reported the top 10 collision locations in Edmond. This is a good warning for all of you “Edmond-ites” to be extra careful around these intersections.

  1. East 2nd Street & South Bryant Avenue
  2. East 33rd Street & South Broadwa
  3. West Danforth Road & North Kelly Avenue
  4. West Danforth Road and North Santa Fe Avenue
  5. East !5th Street & South Bryant Avenue
  6. West Edmond Road & South Santa Fe Avenue
  7. West 15th Street & South Santa Fe Avenue
  8. East 33rd Street & South Boulevard
  9. East 15th Street & South Broadway
  10. East 2nd Street & South Broadway

We all think we are great drivers and we haven’t or won’t be in a wreck but most of the times, it is the other driver that causes the crash when we least expect it. Please make sure that we are all being good defensive drivers and we are watching the other drivers around us.

Hope you are all enjoying the rain we are getting and the football games on TV. Stay safe on the road and don’t hesitate to call us if you need us.