A man was dead after his semi tractor trailer caught fire on U.S. Highway 169 when his truck slammed into the back of another semi. When the two trucks collided, it caused the big rig to catch fire.

A part of the highway was own to one lane because of road construction. It has been said that this road construction played a role in this wreck that killed Arthur Vann, Jr. of Illinois. Vann was stuck in the semi for over three hours.

The victim’s truck left about 80 feet skid marks before it collided with the other two stopped vehicles. The other drivers survived and one was taken to hospital for back and neck injuries.

After this accident the highway was shut down and each direction was routed to state Highway 10. The highway was closed for over eight hours because engineers had to make sure the fire didn’t cause damage to the road’s surface. Because of all the construction in Oklahoma right now, drivers need to be extra cautious when in the construction zones, especially obeying all the warning signs posted.

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