About 13,000 lives end up being saved each year by seat belts and child restraints nationwide,  Oklahoma troopers stated.

The seat-belt crackdown has taken the title “Get your ‘Clicks’ on Route 66” for the 24 hour period on Friday. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said that this campaign is targeting the highway from California to Illinois. This will all begin on Thursday night at midnight.
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Ben Crockett said that they will be doing this is remind people that wearing a seat belt is the smart decision as well as the law.
Here in Oklahoma, this crackdown happens four times a year by Oklahoma Highway Patrol and originally started in 2010 by central Oklahoma police forces.  Although many people have mixed feelings about the required seat belt law, we have to remember that it is illegal to not wear one.
Oklahoma often has different events to make sure Oklahoma residents are following the law and staying safe while driving. This particular event is trying to promote better safety for the child passengers.
It is a very neat thing to see all these states coming together to crackdown on this issue and to promote such safety from California to Illinois. It is not often that you see such an event cross state lines and multiple states being on the “same page.”
The one thing that Oklahoma Officers are focusing on is saving lives. In 2010 Oklahoma traffic deaths, 56 percent ha involved people not wearing seat belts.
If a person is involved in a rollover crash, they are 75 perfect less likely to die if they are wearing a seat belt correctly.
So not only should you watch your speed this Friday, but be sure to wear that seat belt while driving Route 66. The statistics state the truth and we should all take that into consideration when we hop into our vehicles.