As you may have heard in the news, Toyota recently underwent a massive auto recall after several complaints of a stuck accelerator pedal. Toyota owners of several models were told to return their cars to a service center immediately to fix the potentially-life-threatening defect.


But against all expectation, Toyota actually saw a sales increase after the recall, and a 2010 poll revealed that Toyota was “viewed favorably by 59% of Americans, with 22% viewing Toyota very favorably.” The company had turned their mistake into an opportunity: they wanted consumers to know that they had made safety a priority.


So how does this relate to your Oklahoma defective auto parts case?


  •  By pursuing your case against the manufacturer, you are demanding company accountability for your injury. If the company is found liable, you will receive both justice as a consumer and compensation for the company’s oversight.
  •  If the incident is not isolated, the auto manufacturer may be forced to do a recall of all affected vehicles, saving thousands or even millions of lives.
  •  If the auto company wants to regain its reputation, they will learn from their mistakes, putting more effort into safety and testing than ever before. This will result in better, safer cars on the road-not just in Oklahoma, but across the nation.

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