A Harrah school bus wrecked with a Jeep on Thursday morning sending students to the emergency room.

The driver of the Jeep was seriously injured in the wreck. Harrah Police Chief Gary Morgan relayed that the school bus was driving southbound on Dobson near Elm when it collided head on with a Jeep just around 8am.

The Superintendent of Harrah Schools, Dean Hughes, said the school bus had 46 students inside from the ages of 8 to 18. Hughes said that after talking to the bus driver, it seems that the Jeep came over into the bus’s lane and the bus driver attempted to slow down but ended up being hit head on.

The Police of Harrah, Oklahoma did their investigation and confirmed that the Jeep that was traveling northbound on Dobson did veer into the oncoming traffic. The driver of the Jeep was transported to the OU Medical Center and was admitted in serious condition.

The Superintendent claimed that six students went to the hospital with minor injuries. Hughes said, “We had no serious injuries, just some bruises and scrapes and busted lips.”

Parents of all the students were notified of the wreck. Hughes said that some parents went ahead and picked up their kids after the accident.  Some of the students got scared and some acted traumatized by it, so parents thought it was best to go ahead and take them. The Harrah Superintendent felt very fortunate that the students and bus driver did not suffer serious injuries.

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