Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Oklahoma City

  1. Distractions: When a driver turns their attention from the road to elsewhere, they greatly increase the chance for an accident. Distractions can come from outside the care when a driver sees something off the side of a road (buildings, billboards, actions going on) or even like all the construction zones and signs throughout Oklahoma City. Distractions also come from inside the car as well. Inside the car, we frequently hear about cell phones, car stereos, or children in the back seat causing the most distractions. Some of distractions inside the car would be a driver trying to read, one putting on makeup, or fidgeting with something else in the car.
  2. Driver’s Error: This is the most common cause of car accidents today. Most of these errors are just common mistakes made by drivers. These could include driving too fast, following too closely, not yielding to right of way, unsafe passing, or dismissing the stoplights or stop signs. If Oklahoma City residents took it into their hands to pay more attention to how they drive, more lives could be saved.
  3. Bad Weather: In Oklahoma City, and all surrounding areas, we get hit with some very bad weather at times. Lessened visibility and no traction on the road make it more difficult to drive a car safely. When a driver knows bad weather is in the area, they should realize the effects that bad weather will have on the road and controlling the vehicle. In Oklahoma, strong cross winds, slippery roads, black ice, or flash flooding happens many times in the year. The driver should consider these conditions and watch out for the hazards that show up without notice.
  4. Intoxication: Driving after consumption of drugs or alcohol can impair your driving and increases the chance of crashing the vehicle. We all know how unsafe this is and we should never put others in danger by driving while intoxicated or high.
  5. Road Design & Conditions: Many times a roadway can be designed in such a poor manner that is can contribute to accidents. Intersections that were designed poorly or roadways that just make you confused can be major factors in causing accidents. Certain road signs or roadblocks are not clear and often end up causing a collision with two or more drivers. Road conditions like potholes, debris, poor maintenance, or even the result of bad weather to the roads can be an issue for all drivers. Unfortunately with all the road construction in Oklahoma City, we are well aware of the confusion that the road signs and barriers can cause; we just need to be extra careful that we don’t let that be a cause of our accidents.