On the night of August 8, 2011, severe thunderstorms roared through Oklahoma. There was major damage from Enid, Fairmont, Perry, Stillwater, to Oklahoma City.

Power outages started occurring Monday night and continued through Tuesday morning. On Monday night, 45,000 customers were losing power but as of Tuesday morning, it was down to 18,000 customers without power.

In Lahoma, Oklahoma the wind gusts were reported at 96 mph. Also, in Garfield county, there was severe damage to tree, roofs, and power lines.

In the city of Perry, the police chief reported that up to 60 percent of the city had encountered roof damage. There were also power lines down and a transformer that blew there as well.

The town of Piedmont, that was just recently hit by a tornado a few months ago, was a victim of this storm as well. Highway 4 and Jackson were shut down because of debris and then Mustang Road was covered with power lines down all over the street.

In Oklahoma City, at Britton Road and MacArthur Boulevard, a fire crew had to help free a man that had his leg broken from a business’s awning.

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