Many employees are rewarded with bonuses for cutting costs at work. But what if your bonus depended on telling people that their car accident is their fault, or that their medical bills are their own problem?


Unfortunately, this is exactly the case for many insurance company employees. Adjusters are offered a number of incentives to deny claims-even if the customer’s claims should be covered under the policy.


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If you have a policy under one of these providers, you may be unexpectedly denied coverage in Oklahoma City :


  • Farmers: Under Farmer’s recent “Quest for Gold” program, employees who came in under the company’s payment goals were offered gift certificates and pizza parties.
  • Allstate: This provider trains its employees to use “boxing gloves” when confronted with customers who would not accept a reduced amount for their claim. It also directly rewarded those who denied valid claims with office perks like portable fridges.


  • AIG: Former CEO of AIG Maurice Greenberg would hire new employees for the sole purpose of rejecting thousands of valid claims whenever the profits were running low.


  • State Farm: After a 1994 earthquake, a State Farm office in California forged signatures on its customers’ earthquake waivers so they would not have to pay for damages. If not discovered, the firm’s fraud would have affected over 9,000 quake victims.


These well-known insurance companies’ tactics range from unethical to outright illegal-all in the name of profit. A trusted Oklahoma City insurance lawyer can hold them accountable and get you the settlement you deserve. Call the Buxton Law Group today at (405) 604-5577 for a free consultation.