Chances are, you can’t. And many insurance companies in Oklahoma City prefer it that way.


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A few ways insurance companies can use the words in your policy against you:


  • You buy a new car, but a week later it is totaled in an accident. You purchased full coverage, so you expect the full cost of the car to be covered-but your policy says the company may “adjust for depreciation,” leaving you to pay thousands of dollars remaining on your loan.
  • Everything you own was lost in a house fire. But your family is okay, and your homeowner’s insurance includes “full” damages, but they refuse to pay for any personal belongings lost in the fire.
  • A tornado swept your house down to the foundation. A letter from your insurance company states that, although the storm caused over $150,000 worth of damage, your “total loss” claim has been capped at $45,000.

As Oklahoma City insurance attorneys, we know how to interpret the tricky language in policies. We also know when the policy’s terms are contradictory, unreasonable, or illegal.


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