It may be hard to tell who is at fault in an Oklahoma City trucking accident . You are positive that the trucker caused the crash, but the trucking company will insist that you were at fault in order to avoid paying for the accident.


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In many of these cases, the accident could have been avoided with a small amount of prevention on behalf of the trucker or the truck company. These types of accidents are commonly referred to as company preventables.


What kinds of things could cause a preventable accident?

  • Lack of safety features, such as heated mirrors, fog lights, power windows and fender mirrors. These are considered “extras” on most vehicles, which trucking companies will opt out of to cut costs.
  • Truck driver inattention. Sometimes an accident could have been avoided by the simple act of brushing snow off of the rig or manually adjusting a frozen mirror.

Unfortunately, while preventable accidents happen every day, it’s hard to make a company take responsibility for them. Trucking company attorneys are very good at shifting blame, and can turn their oversight into your liability.


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