Who is at Fault in my Oklahoma City Truck Crash?

When you are involved in a car accident, much of the outcome depends on who caused the accident. In most cases, one of the two drivers is deemed more at fault and that driver will usually pay for more damages.


But trucking accidents in Oklahoma are far more complex than everyday car accidents. Because trucks are company-owned vehicles, a lot of people had a hand in their loading and preparation, any one of whom could have played a part in your accident.


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Here are just a few people who could be at fault in your Oklahoma City trucking accident:


  • The trucking company. The company may be liable if they cut corners on safety, such as hiring inexperienced drivers, using trucks too old for service, or forgoing regular maintenance on their rigs.


  • The truck’s manufacturer. There are many complex parts that go into the building of a semi. If the accident was caused by faulty lights, brakes, or other equipment failure, the manufacturer could be held liable.


  • The loading company. Trucking companies often outsource their labor, and will hire other companies to load and unload their goods. These companies could be at fault if the cargo was not properly tied down for the journey, or if the rig was loaded beyond legal capacity.


  • The truck driver. Due to long hours, fatigue, and tight deadlines, a trucker’s actions need to be heavily scrutinized. Did the trucker skip a rest break? Was he speeding at the time of the accident?


  • Road maintenance officials. If your accident was caused by a problem with the roadway, such as a dangerous curve, lack of road signs, or particularly poorly maintained highway, the fault may lie with the state’s highway commission.


As experienced Oklahoma City semi accident attorneys, we know that the effects of these cases are devastating. Being told that you were to blame for your debilitating accident isn’t just unfair-it’s insulting. We hold these companies accountable for your accident, and work to get you the justice you deserve.


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