How Oklahoma Insurance Companies Profit from Delaying Your Claim

If your insurance company denies a valid claim in Oklahoma, you have options. You can contest the decision, file for an appeal-even hire an attorney to fight on your side.


But what if your insurance company hasn’t denied your claim? What if they have been giving you excuse after excuse, making you wait years to see a single dime of your coverage?

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Delaying claims is a common insurance company tactic-and one they’re more likely to get away with. By delaying a claim, an insurance companyavoids an outright denial of payment that can be contested while still retaining its customers’ money, all while making it look like non-payment was the customer’s fault.

Here are just a few delay tactics commonly used by Oklahoma City insurance companies:

  •  The paper chase. Many policyholders will trust their company’s representative. Unfortunately, these employees’ salaries depend on not paying claims. There have been cases where employees blatantly use shady tactics, such as asking for copies of documents that have no relevance to the policy, or purposely mailing a customer the wrong forms in order to deny the claim because of “incorrect paperwork.”
  •  “One more hoop.” Companies know that customers are willing to jump through hoops if they believe there will be a reward at the end.However, they also know that “waiting out” a customer is extremely effective, since many people will get fed up with the hassle and simply give up. By dragging out a series of “one more things,” which can each take months to complete-one more signature, one more form-they are increasing the chances that you will drop your claim out of frustration.
  •  Behind-the-scenes fraud. As if shuffling paperwork wasn’t bad enough, some companies take it a step further: they will “file away” a customer’s checks, forms, and other papers needed for approval,claiming they were never received.

Sound familiar? As experienced Oklahoma City insurance attorneys, we’re used to dealing with these kinds of insurance bad faith tactics. We have seen companies dragging out the claims process for years, watching their customers suffer while they increase their bottom line. In cases where the insured is an elderly person, companies have even been known to delay claims until the policyholder dies.

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