I live in Oklahoma City. Is a car emergency kit really necessary?

Absolutely. Think of it this way: are smoke alarms really necessary, even if you never have a fire? Would you stop wearing your seatbelt because you don’t expect to be in a car accident in Oklahoma City? Of course not. Thousands of people are alive today because they followed the simple rules of being safe rather than sorry. As anyone who has experienced these tragedies will tell you, a little prevention can literally save your life.

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What should I include in my car’s emergency kit?

  • Spare tire and tools. You should keep a well-inflated spare tire in your vehicle at all times. A tool kit can come in handy when changing tires, but also when changing light bulbs or simply tightening loose screws.
  • Accident paperwork. A copy of your current Oklahoma City insurance policy, pens, markers, and blank paper for taking notes will prove useful for copying down crucial accident details.
  • A first-aid kit. Ambulances can take precious time to arrive–time that you or a loved one may not have. Tend injuries while waiting for help with band-aids, gauze, burn cream, gauze, medical tape, scissors, and any medications specific to your family, such as insulin or an epi pen.
  • Flashlights and road flares. Most Oklahoma road accidents happen at night. Unfortunately, many drivers overlook something as simple as light when packing an emergency kit. Include a sturdy flashlight to inspect damage to your vehicle, and road flares to alert passing drivers if your car’s lights are unresponsive.
  • Disposable camera. Many people filing insurance claims after an accident wish they had gotten evidence of the damage. Take pictures of all vehicles involved, including tire tracks and landmarks, if possible. You can also use your cell phone, but the picture quality may not be as reliable.
  • Batteries. Don’t forget the batteries! Pack them separately from the lights and camera to avoid draining them when not in use.
  • An accident checklist. Few people are thinking clearly after an accident. With a simple fill-in form created ahead of time for names, license plate numbers and contact information, you can be sure to get all the facts.
  • Bottled water serves many purposes in an emergency. It can battle dehydration, clean dirty wounds, be used to cool an overheated engine–even put out fires.

Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided. You care enough about your family to prepare for the worst–don’t stop fighting after an accident happens! If someone you love is suffering after an Oklahoma car accident, contact an experienced Oklahoma City car accident attorney at the Buxton Law Group today by calling (405) 604-5577.