5 Ways Trucking Companies Blame YOU for an Oklahoma City Truck Wreck

After you have survived an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may feel like the worst is over. Even though you’ve been injured, you have insurance, and the truck was at fault. Surely you will have no trouble getting the trucking company to pay for your medical costs…right?

Wrong. Trucking companies operate the same way all businesses do: they spend the least amount of money to make the maximum amount of profit. So when one of their rigs is involved in an Oklahoma City truck crash, these companies-and their insurance underwriters-have a huge vested interest in avoiding the blame. By placing the blame on YOU, they can avoid paying out for the accident-even though they may have ultimately caused it.

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Some common defenses trucking companies use in Oklahoma City truck accident  cases:

  • Negligence. The trucking company’s attorney may try to prove that some action on your part constituted negligence, such as lack of signaling or riding in a truck’s blind spot.
  • Risky behavior. The company may deny responsibility based on the fact that you engaged in risky behavior, such as speeding or riding in blind spots, at the time of the accident.
  • Signed documents. Since trucking companies realize how much responsibility falls on their shoulders, they will often try to get you to sign something after the crash-an insurance agreement, or something “for the records.” It is important that you do not sign anything immediately after the crash, as it may be used against you when you file your claim.
  • Coaching the driver. Truck drivers are often told what to say in the event of an accident, often giving their insurance adjusters time to arrive on the scene to collect evidence against the motorist.
  • Lack of involvement. In some cases, a company might assert that your injury was a result of your own behavior, and any damages would have occurred even without the truck’s involvement.

As experienced Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys, we know that truck wreck cases can be much more complex than everyday car accidents. Due to the fact that trucking is regulated and involves privately owned companies, there are a number of parties who could have played a role in the accident. The company is responsible for the driver, but responsibility also falls on the loading company, their maintenance crews, and the truck manufacturer who made the rig-all of whom could have contributed to the wreck.

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