Is Your Oklahoma Insurance Company Really On Your Side?

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars on advertising, assuring you that you’re “in good hands,” or that they’re “on your side.” But how can you be in good hands when roughly 10 percent of valid insurance claims are denied every single year?

The insurance company retains a lot of its profit by denying claims that should rightfully be paid. Since less than one percent of customers who file claims will challenge the company’s decision, insurance providers can get away with breaking promises to their clients-and make money while doing it.

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Here are a few things your Oklahoma City insurance company assumes you won’t do-and will use against you to deny your claim:

  • Read the policy. Many people will have coverage for years without ever fully reading their insurance policy. When your claim is denied, it is essential that you read your policy carefully, taking special care with the clauses surrounding your accident.
  • Call your agent. The person who sold you your policy doesn’t just go away after the sale-he should remain available to you for questions and concerns as long as you have the policy. You have a right to speak with your agent. If he is unavailable, speak with his superior, working your way up the ladder until you get someone who can give you straight answers.
  • Keep records. Companies know that forming a paper trail will be especially effective if your case goes to court, so they prefer to keep information to themselves. Customers frequently forget to ask for agents’ names or request copies of documents, so they don’t have a written record of their case.

As experienced Oklahoma City insurance attorneys, we know that the many insurance claims will initially be denied. We also know that those who fight the decision often not only win their case, but also are awarded greater damages in the end.

If an insurance company has denied your claim in Oklahoma, don’t give up! By taking the following steps, you will demonstrate to the insurance company that you are not going away-and that you will get the coverage you deserve:

  • Get it in writing. Many customers will accept a rejection from their insurance company without explanation, assuming the company knows best. By demanding a written explanation, you are showing that you require personal attention and details about your case.
  • Know your rights. If the company has denied your claim based on the fact that your paperwork was not submitted on time, or that the forms were incomplete, you are still entitled to your coverage. Companies cannot deny valid claims based on filing issues unless the delay has caused a problem investigating your case.
  • Get help in the fight. If your insurance claim was denied after an accident in Oklahoma City, call the Buxton Law Group today at (405) 604-5577 for a free consultatio