5 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Coverage in Oklahoma

A truck accident totaled your new car. A kitchen fire spread to the garage and caused an explosion. A windstorm knocked over your neighbor’s tree-which fell right into your living room window.

It was a horrible situation, but you have insurance, so it’s over now. Or is it?

What else is your Oklahoma City insurance provider up to?

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Countless victims in Oklahoma City have not even begun to recover from a devastating accident before they are told that, even though they’ve been paying into their insurance policy for many years, the damage is not covered.

Here are just a few tricks Oklahoma City insurance companies will play on their customers:

  • Deliberately confusing language. If you don’t read your policy, you won’t know if you are covered after an accident. But some companies take it one step further, making sure your Oklahoma insurance policy is so confusing that you’ll never really know what your coverage includes-even after reading it several times.
  • Credit rating discrimination. It may not surprise you that your premiums are affected by your income, but how about your credit score? By basing the amount you pay each month on your credit score, the insurance company can deny low-income customers, and senior citizens who pay primarily in cash.
  • Abandonment. Imagine being in the midst of cancer treatment when you discover your insurance coverage has been revoked. Unfortunately, rescinding coverage is an all-too-common tactic for insurance companies when a policyholder’s treatment has become too expensive.
  • Penalizing you for information. We’ve always been told that there’s nothing wrong with asking questions-but that may not be true when dealing with insurance carriers. Some insurance companies will take a customer’s questions about claims as an indication they will be filing one-and use the call as an excuse to deny the policyholder when he tries to renew the policy.
  • Misplaced trust. With so many companies promising that they are “on your side” or have you “in good hands,” customers can be tempted to believe that they are covered from the moment their first payment is accepted. The truth is, your coverage may not start until the date listed on your policy-a full copy of which you may not receive for weeks.

As experienced Oklahoma City insurance attorneys, we know that the last thing an accident victim deserves is to be abandoned. If people you trusted have let you down when you needed them most, we can help you get the justice you deserve.

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