How to Survive Your Oklahoma City Car Accident

You’ve just been in an Oklahoma City car crash. You’re panicked, and your head fills with questions: Who’s okay? Who’s not? What I do first?


After an accident, nobody’s thinking clearly. You, the other driver, and all your passengers are scared, shaken, and in shock. It’s up to you to make sure everyone comes out of the accident safely-and keeping your wits about you is the first step.


What to do-and NOT do-after an Oklahoma City auto accident: 




  • Stay calm. Take three to five deep breaths to slow the adrenaline in your system. You will need a clear head if anyone in your car is injured.
  • Call 911. Alert the responder to your location, what you hit, and the status of everyone in your car.
  • Stabilize the injured. The 911 responder can walk you through steps of shock prevention, controlling bleeding, and other preventative measures until an ambulance arrives.
  • Move your cars off the road. If you collided with another car, make sure the hazard lights are on in both vehicles. If both cars are upright and traffic is not moving too fast, move both cars out of the flow of traffic.
  • Stay out of traffic! Many people have been hit and even killed while walking on the roadway after an accident. Unless you are looking for the injured or your vehicle is unsafe, stay in your car until help arrives.

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  • Do not leave the scene. Make sure you have been cleared by the police and emergency crews before you leave the accident site.
  • Do not admit fault. Even if you think you are liable for the accident, do not admit fault to the other driver. When the police arrive, focus on the facts rather than who is to blame.
  • Do not leave without information. Get names, addresses, phone numbers and pictures of the accident before going home. Ask the policeman for a copy of the police report, and get the names of witnesses in case there is a dispute over fault and damages.
  • Do not assume you are OK because you are not physically injured. Many people will suffer emotional effects, including depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder following a car accident.
  • Don’t assume your assurance will pay out. Some insurance companies have a habit of denying claims, citing a loophole in your policy. An experienced Oklahoma Insurance Bad Faith attorney  can bring the truth to light and get you the compensation you were promised.

We know you have a lot of questions after your accident. At the Buxton Law Group, we’ve helped a lot of crash victims get back on their feet, and get compensation for their injuries. To get help in your accident case from an experienced Oklahoma City auto accident attorney, call us today at (405) 604-5577.