Was my Oklahoma City car accident caused by a distracted driver?

There isn’t a person reading this message who has never enjoyed a beverage while driving. And why not? A cup of coffee or morning soda on the way to work seems harmless-and it saves time.

But what other time-saving activities do you perform in the car? Calling a friend to pass the time? Texting a coworker to let them know you’ll be late? How about listening to the news on the radio-or brushing your hair?

The truth is, we have all performed non-driving tasks while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many of these activities qualify as distracted diving, meaning they take too much attention away from the road for a driver to operate the vehicle effectively. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents nationwide, most of which could have been easily avoided.

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Any one of these distractions could cause an Oklahoma City car wreck:

  • Cell phones. The number one distraction among drivers of all age groups is use of a cell phone. Whether talking, texting, or using another phone application, this device has been proven to require too much attention to use while operating a vehicle.
  • Children. All underage passengers must be restrained in car seats or securely buckled for the duration of the journey. An unrestrained child is not only a distraction, he is also more likely to be hurt in the event of an accident.
  • Pets. Some pet owners will allow their dog or cat to roam about the car while it is in motion. However, pets are unpredictable and many are small enough to get lodged underfoot. Always travel with your pet fastened into an approved pet seat or locked in an animal carrier.
  • Electronic devices. GPS or built-in satellite navigation systems can be handy if you don’t know where you’re going-but they won’t tell you when there’s an object in the road.
  • Entertainment. Passenger conversation, radios, DVD players and music devices all demand a driver’s attention-and take it away from the road.
  • Rattling objects. Groceries, papers, packages, lose change-anything that moves around the floor of the car can create a distraction. Soda cans, in particular, have a habit of rolling under a driver’s seat or becoming wedged under a pedal.

If a driver has put a phone call, a conversation, or even a song on the radio ahead of his driving responsibility, he is guilty of negligent driving. With the advice of a trusted Oklahoma City car accident attorney, you could get justice for your injuries and compensation for your medical expenses.

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